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Furry Friends Daycare

Time: ~17 Hours (my contribution)

Languages: HTML, CSS, JS

Skills: Scrum Methodology, Accessible Design, GitHub Collaboration, Designing from a Wireframe, SEO Markup

Contributors: Manh Ellis (Copywriter & Development Assistant), Kimia Ashrafi (Social Icons & Product Owner), Myta Palo (Branding), Stella Park (Scrum Master & UX/UI)


For my project management course, we were tasked with coming up with a fictional business and creating branding, wireframes, and a website using the scrum methodology. The whole project was done using a 5 week sprint structure. I created the template for our All In One Google Sheet which included time logs, our backlog, sprints, and burndown charts.

To see this page, tap here

We started by creating user stories and prioritizing those tasks in our backlog and weekly sprints.

To see this page, tap here

Development started in sprint 2, and in sprint 3 my teammate Manh helped with code reviews and creating the contact page. We learned about merging and pull requests and had some practice reviewing and managing branches.

A bit of pull request history

Challenges & Solutions

Most of the challenges I encountered were related to making certain elements accessible. This was the first project in which I took a deep dive into accessible elements.

I used many resources to help guide decision making such as Aditus’ guide on accessible accordion menus, MDN’s documentation on forms and inputs, and multiple sources for how to style radio buttons without the checkbox.

Accessible Accordion Menu

You can check out my GitHub repo’s README to see more sources.

Post-Course Additions

After the course was completed, I added some SEO markup to the HTML to practice implementing structured data markup and metadata.

Structured Data Markup

Our New Media Marketing class taught us about the importance of SEO and how crawlers search webpages for different types of data. We also learned how to make a marketing plan from start to finish.

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