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Online Tarot

~ 15 hours

Languages: HTML, CSS, JS

Skills: JavaScript Loops, JavaScript Objects and Arrays, CSS, Canva


My goal for this project was to create a modern online Tarot Card Picker with my own card designs. Most online tarot card picker websites are not very usable due to the number of ads and other pop ups. They can be cluttered, and the design isn’t optimal for everyone to use. I wanted to showcase my interest in spirituality, as well as my ability to perform basic but effective JavaScript. I included a unique element where you can choose how many cards to draw instead of the default one card.
This was a project very close to my heart, as this was my very first developer project when I was first learning the basics of JavaScript - long before I arrived at BCIT. I always used a physical deck, and I’ve tried some tarot apps, but I knew I could create something pretty cool for myself and others.

This was my original code!

I created a brainstorm of things I would need to do to improve the code and account for the scope increase from the original.

A mini brainstorm of tasks

Challenges & Solutions

Since I admittedly started this a bit later than anticipated, I had to reduce the scope for the sake of deadlines. However, I do plan to upgrade this eventually, and have even started working through the code. I went from 1, 2 or 3 cards to just 1 card for now. I’m sure as I'm continuing iteration 2, I will have an entirely new set of challenges to work through, such as working on better understanding this monstrosity. Stay Tuned for iteration two which will be talked about below this section once it's complete!

The monstrocity in question

post editing note: I actually did take some time to understand this! However, I ended up not needing it.

Iteration 2

Under Construction!

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